Renew LEI-number

Netlei makes LEI easier and safer than ever. Import and renew your LEI through us rest assured it will be in great hands.

  • Payment by card or invoice

  • First class customer service - 7 days a week

  • Founder-led company with a mission

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FAQ about renew LEI

  • How long does it take to renew an LEI number?

    If your LEI number has previously been registered with Netlei, it normally does not take more than 1 hour from the time the payment is received by us until we have renewed your LEI number. If you have another provider of LEI numbers, it usually takes 1-5 days before the number is renewed with us. This is because the other provider has 5 days to accept the transfer.

  • My LEI number is inactive, how fast can you activate it again?

    If your LEI number has become inactive and you are a customer of Netlei, it normally takes no longer than 1 hour from the time the payment is received by us until your LEI number is active again. However, the status in the global register will not be visible until the day after activation. If you had another provider at the time your LEI number was active, we will need to make a transfer from that provider to us before the number can be activated again. It normally takes 1-5 days as your previous provider has 5 days to release the number to us. As soon as we have taken over, the number will be activated again within an hour. At some banks, it is possible to show the order confirmation of the renewal in order to be able to start trading immediately again.