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Why you need to get an LEI number

Banks and securities institutions are required to report all transactions their clients make in financial instruments such as for example shares. As of January 3, 2018, new rules apply to the securities market (Mifid 2 / Mifir). These rules mean, among other things, that natural or legal persons who carry out transactions must be able to be identified in the transaction reporting. To ensure identical transaction reporting within the EU, a global identification code, LEI number (Legal Entity Identifier) ​​is used.

Companies that trade in securities such as shares therefore need to obtain an LEI number so that the transactions the company makes can be identified in the transaction reports that banks and securities institutions are required to submit. These reports are for authorities such as the Financial Supervisory Authorities to be able to monitor the securities markets and thus ensure fair and well-organized trading.

How to apply for an LEI number

  1. Enter the company name in the search field on this page to start a search.
  2. Click on the company you want to manage the LEI number for in the list that appears below the search field.
  3. Enter contact information, signatories and payment details and click on "Order"
  4. When the payment is registered and any contract is signed, your LEI number is registered.
  5. As soon as the LEI number is registered, it will be sent to the e-mail address you specified when ordering.
  6. The LEI code becomes visible in the global, GLEIF, register the day after the registration is made.