What is the difference between an RA, LOU and GLEIF?

In the LEI world, RA stands for Registration Agent, and this is simply a company that provides LEI numbers to the end customer - perhaps to the entrepreneurs who are reading this article right now. Netlei is a certified Registration Agent, and we have written this article in the hope that you may want to order your LEI number from us.

Now we're talking a little bit about LOU. Yes, surely you get the feeling that the brain behind LEI really likes abbreviations? LOU stands for Local Operating Unit, and are the ones who actually issue LEI numbers. All certified Registration Agents have an agreement with a Local Operating Unit, and we are proud to work with the very best and fastest LOU available on the market.

And at the top of the hierarchy is GLEIF - Global Legal Entity Identification Foundation - the organization that is responsible for the entire system and ensures that all LOUs and RAs do their job.

We take it back a bit quickly - GLEIF has created and administrates the system with LEI numbers, LOU issues and renews LEI numbers, and RA is responsible for providing numbers to end customers, companies.