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Netlei makes it easier and safer than ever to register a Legal Entity Identifier. Our unique technology makes it possible for us to deliver your number at record speed.

  • Average LEI delivery time 15 minutes

  • Best in class data quality

  • Customer service available 7 days a week

What is an LEI number?

In this video, we tell you what an LEI number - or Legal Entity Identifier - is and who needs it.

What our customers say

Netlei is the provider of LEI for some of Europes biggest company groups and also in direct partnership with leading banks. This is what some of our customers say about us.

Jan Bolmeson
"When we had the opportunity to take part in a new share issue that closed the following day, we got in a hurry to register an LEI. A big thank you to Netlei for helping out in such a fast way - I am forever grateful!"

Jan Bolmesson, Investor at RikaTillsammans

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Frequently asked questions about LEI numbers

  • What does LEI stand for?

    LEI is short for Legal Entity Identifier, which is a global identifier for companies trading securities, stocks, currencies and commodities.

  • Why does my company need an LEI-number?

    All companies trading securities, for example stocks, need an LEI-number in order to report relevant transactions to an approved registry.

  • How do you register a LEI?

    To register an LEI-number for your company you just need to fill out our form above and click 'Order LEI'. You can choose to pay by invoice or card. As soon as your payment is registered with us we register your LEI through a Local Operating Unit certified by GLEIF, the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation.

  • How does an LEI-number look?

    An LEI-number consists of 20 characters, mixing digits 0-9 with letters A-Z. The number, based on an ISO standard, contains information about the holding organisations and its owner structure.

  • Is there a difference between LEI number and LEI code?

    There is no difference between LEI number and LEI code.

  • When do I receive my LEI?

    After ordering and paying the invoice, we register your LEI with the local operating unit certified by GLEIF. For a new LEI our delivery time is around 15 minutes on average. When importing and renewing an existing LEI we are depending on your old supplier to approve the transfer, which might delay the delivery. Usually this happens within a day.

  • How do you deliver my LEI?

    We deliver it by email as soon as the LEI is being uploaded and reflected in GLEIF repository. If you haven't received it yet, have a look in your spam folder. Otherwise contact us by chat, phone or email.

  • When can I start using my LEI?

    You can use your LEI as soon as you have received the LEI-number from us by email. However, it will not be visible in the GLEIF registry until 9 AM the following day after registering.

  • How long before I get my LEI number?

    It normally takes a few hours after that we've received your payment. We will send the LEI number to your email as soon as it's registered.